Zach Oswald – video

Zach Oswald (from OBB) - Ransom Note

VISIT for more videos. Zach Oswald (lead vocals/keys/guitars) is the oldest of the 3 brothers that make up the ...

Celebrate the Impact: OBB's Zach Oswald

Listen to Zach as he shares his testimony of the song that impacted his life. Want to share your story? To upload your video clip, ...

womenizer zach oswald on the maury show

ATTENTION LADIES: this is my ex. i lived with him at one point in time and he cheated on me and lies to me the whole time. he ...

Brandonwound Pickups Noiseless Jazzmaster Set

A brand new set from Brandonwound, the classic Jazzmaster sound you know and love, but without all of the hum!

Brandonwound Limited Edition 1959 Clones

Demo of the brand new Brandonwound Limited Edition 1959 clones!

Munsters's Zach Oswald to be on Maury

The clip that is on TV with Zach Oswald. Pride of Munster Highschool.

1960 Fender Telecaster

Checking out a slab board 1960 Fender Tele! Refinished in fiesta red by Lays Guitar Shop.

Brandonwound 59 clones

These are brandonwounds 59 PAF type clones, I'm using a Gibson Les Paul Traditional.

1956 Gibson Les Paul Conversion

Junior to standard conversion done by lays guitar shop in akron ohio, the guitar was a basket case missing all original parts so the ...

Brandonwound TTops 79 Gibson Les Paul Custom

An in depth demo of the brandonwound ttops in a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom through a Marshall jcm 2000 dsl into a 1960a ...

Brandonwound Widerange Humbuckers

The True Story of 6 Remarkable Sisters

Signup for your FREE trial to The Great Courses Plus here: The Mitford Sisters had an unusual ...

Brandonwound 1959 clones VS Original PAF's

2 blonde Gibson es-175's battling it out! An all original 1963 ES-175DN vs my 1959 ES-175DN.

Brandonwound Charlie Christian Pickup

This is the new humbucker sized Charlie Christian pickup from Brandonwound pickups. Now you can get the Charlie Christian ...

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