Thom Bierdz – video

Thom Bierdz Thanksgiving Home Tour, Lake Arrowhead 2019

info on Thom's 10 books and paintings at

Thom Bierdz Interview

In this 2009 Interview Thom Bierdz was just to begin filming on the return of Phillip Chancellor. Thom Bierdz is an actor, artist and ...

SONG "Gentle Road Back Home" written by Thom Bierdz, James Collins & David Celia

"Gentle Road Back Home" (Written by Thom Bierdz, James Collins & David Celia). Inspired by the book, "Forgiving Troy," by Thom ...

Thom Bierdz at the 2009 HRC Twin Cities Dinner

Young and the Restless star Thom Bierdz accepts the HRC Visibility Award at the 2009 HRC Twin Cities Dinner.

Mountain Cabin Half Price As Hollywood Apartment - Thom Bierdz Tour

just wanted to make a video and share my day to day life here in Lake Arrowhead, CA 10 books at

Waterfalls Series, 7 Paintings by Thom Bierdz

More info at Inquire there - or [email protected] Each of these 7 is acrylic with oil varnish, 45x33" with ...

Merry Christmas from Thom Bierdz in Lake Arrowhead

Another day in paradise here... wishing you a great holiday and perfect 2019.

Q&A on Thom Bierdz's memoir, Forgiving Troy

Gay spiritual-seeker artist and actor, Thom Bierdz, is world renown for playing Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless, ...

FORGIVING TROY The Documentary

This is the true story of Thom Bierdz' journey to Forgive his brother Troy for murdering their Mother. In 1989 life was great for "The ...

Dr. JPO and Thom Bierdz/male makeover fillers

Dr. Jeff and artist/actor pal Thom Bierdz have attacked made up battles on screen but in real life tackle facial changes in mid-life ...

"Healing Meadow" PAINTING FOR AUCTION by TV star Thom Bierdz


COVID-19: build your immunity FB Thom Bierdz.

Thom Bierdz "Portrait of a Scandal"

Thom Bierdz pitch reel for Portrait of a Scandal pitch reel.

Thom Bierdz - Personal life

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Thomas Bierdz, Actor Author 'The Young Gay and Restless’ n Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa

Thomas Bierdz, Actor Director and Author 'The Young Gay and the Restless' comes to talk about Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa.

Preferred Company 11-1-18: Thom Bierdz

It's Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services along with ...

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