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Powerpoint Slide Master

How to use the powerpoint slide master to quicken the process of animating and beautifying your powerpoint presentation.

Extracting a Pattern Paper

A tutorial for digital scrapbookers. Just a neat idea to do, not really a fancy or new technique. Created using Snapz Pro 10.

Light Room Basic

A little tutorial on how I go about editing my photos for Instagram using Adobe Lightroom for mobile.

Scalloped Paper Edges

How to create scalloped edges. Created especially for digital scrapbookers but can be used for any graphic design job. Paper ...

Trigger Effect in Powerpoint

Animating using Powerpoint's trigger effect can be very powerful. Watch this tutorial on how to do that.

My Baby Laughing

This is no professional video. It's a bit choppy in the middle but we love the content. It's our 3.5-mo-old laughing, smiling, and ...

Creating Dots around a Shape Tool

In this little tutorial I want to show you how you can created dots around a shape tool instead of a solid line. Technically you can ...

Hybrid Scrapbooking/Card Making or Paper Craft in General

Digital images shown by Matahati Designs. I use Photoshop but if you don't have Photoshop you can create hybrid (digital images ...

Tie a Ribbon Without Cutting it from the Spool

This is the tight wad way of cutting a ribbon... or a way if you don't want to waste your precious ribbons. My second attempt at ...

Flowing Text

For this one, I use the marquee tools to join, dissect, or remove an area and then creating a path from it so that you can put your ...

Print Wallet Size Photos

Don't like spending $.99 cents on 4 wallet size photos when all you need is just one of each from two different photos? Check this ...

The Bookmark Function in Adobe Acrobat Professional

Using the bookmark feature to save and navigate through my stampin' up! catalog easily.

Quick Extract in Photoshop

Using the Quick Selection Tool. This is just another, different, method than the pen tool that I used: ...

How to Tie a Bunny Ear Style Ribbon

The title says it all :) You can find more stuff on paper crafting on my blog:

Recoloring in Word 2007

How to recolor an image (or clip-art) in Word 2007. The target audience for this video are digital stampers/scrapbookers (or ...

Digital Scrapbooking from Start to Finish

This is a DEMO of how a digital scrapbook page was created in Adobe Photoshop from start to end. It is not meant to be at tutorial.

Text in Shape

How to type a text within a shape so that the text conforms to the shape form.

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