Rongguang Yu – video

Karate Kid Movie Deleted Scene

Jackie Chan and Yu Rongguang fight eachother in the movie .

Yu Rongguang and Ken Lo in "Red Zone" (1995, Hong Kong) - Action finale

Action packed ending scene to the 1995 Hong Kong movie "Red Zone," starring Yu Rongguang, Kenny Ho and Ken Lo and ...

The Karate Kid 2010 Cast ★ THEN and NOW | Real Name & Age 2020

LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO HELP US REACH 200K SUBSCRIBERS! The Karate Kid - Before and After Then VS Now 2010-2020 ...

CURIOSIDADES DE JACKIE CHAN - Jackie Chan vs Yu Rong Guang

Primeiro capítulo da série "CURIOSIDADES DE JACKIE CHAN". Nesse capítulo, mostra a curiosa "rivalidade" entre Jackie Chan ...

Wu Tang Collection - Twin Avengers (English Subtitles)

Director: Li Wen-Hua Cast: Yu Rong-Guang, Han Shan-Xu, Chen Xiao-Yi, Chan Hoi-Ming Iron monkey star Yu Rong-Guang stars ...

Solo Donnie Yen vs Yu Rongguang - Chân Tử Đan vs Vu Vinh Quang

Solo giữa Chân Tử Đan và Vu Vinh Quang trong Tân Đường Sơn Đại Huynh.

Goodbye Captain (1998) Rongguang Yu killcount

An entertaining action movie, starring the great Rongguang Yu Music i used for this video: ...

Wu Tang Collection - Deadend Of Besiegers

Director: Hsiao-Hui Chang Cast: Cynthia Khan, Rongguang Yu, Yung Chang, Dale Cook Deadend of Besiegers is an interesting ...

Yu Rong Guang fight

Modern HK fight with Yu Rong Guang.

The Karate Kid ★ Then And Now 2018

The Karate Kid (known as The Kung Fu Dream in China) is a 2010 family martial arts drama film directed by Harald Zwart. It stars ...

The Iron Monkey (1993) with Donnie Yen, Jean Wang, Rongguang Yu Movie

A masked bandit know as "Iron Monkey" steals from the corrupt authorities as a masked thief to give to the poor while another ...

Donnie Yen vs. Yu Rong Guang - Fight

Donnie Yen vs. Yu Rong Guang - Fight.

Guan Yu VS Xiahou Dun - Three Kingdoms (2010)

From Ep.25 of Three Kingdoms 2010.

Heart of Killer (1995) Yu Rongguang & Max Mok killcount

From the director of Fatal Termination. Despite being a bit flawed, this film contains some amazing action scenes.


A pretty smart detective joins an investigator to disrupt a dangerous gang of money-smuggling smugglers. Sharon Kwok ...

Super Kungfu Action Movie فيلم الكونكفو الرهيب Release Action Movie 2019

Lao San est un jeune vétéran du kung-fu mais peu intelligent. Après avoir décroché un emploi de garde du corps pour un riche ...

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