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Phoebe Dykstra visits the Lush factory!

On June 18th, Phoebe Dykstra spent the day at our Lush headquarters. Go behind the scenes for a look at all the fun and ...

Phoebe Dykstra hanging out with Kesha

phoebedykstra gets a tour of Kesha's bus.

MuchMusic: Ed Sheeran Tattoos Phoebe Dykstra on NML

We're regularly updating our channel with the latest Much Office Sessions and artist interviews. SUBSCRIBE now: ...

Bell Let's Talk Day: Phoebe Dykstra

For every #BellLetsTalk tweet on Jan 28, Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives. Learn more:

Phoebe Dykstra says: Just Drive

Enter the contest now until November 2 at MuchMusic VJ Phoebe Dykstra talks about the dangers ...

How Phoebe Dykstra landed the job as a MUCHMUSIC VJ

Phoebe Dykstra looks back on landing her DREAM JOB at MuchMusic. Yes there are TEARS!

Phoebe Dykstra's Memorable JUNO Moment

Phoebe Dykstra's Memorable JUNO Moment JUNO TV: New Episodes Weekly! - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe on YouTube (never miss ...

Phoebe Dykstra TV Highlight Reel

A collection of Phoebe Dykstra's TV Highlights.

Josh Ramsay and Phoebe Dykstra backstage at 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards

Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench and host Phoebe Dykstra get a little cray backstage at the 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards ...

Phoebe Dykstra tells her story on being bullied in school

Phoebe Dykstra shares her experiences being bullied in highschool as part of anti-bullying week.

Phoebe Dykstra discusses her Eating Disorder

Phoebe Dykstra discusses her experience dealing with an eating disorder as part of Much Let's Talk Day.

MTV's Phoebe Dykstra spreading Valentine's LOVE!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, MTV's Phoebe Dykstra hits the mall to help spread the Valentine's spirit, with your help!

Phoebe Dykstra on-set / cameo in Hedley's video for ANYTHING!

MTV's Phoebe Dykstra goes on-set AND makes a cameo in Hedley's new video for Anything!

Who Do I Want To Be? by Phoebe Dykstra

I wrote "Who Do I Want To Be?" 1 year ago, in the thick of a life transformational workshop in Peru. I was lost in every way.

Phoebe Dykstra & Kathleen Newman-Bremang Footloose dance off

phoebedykstra & @kathleennb learn a Footloose routine and perform it live on New.Music.Live. for Julianne Hough and Kenny ...

My interview with Phoebe Dykstra!

What's up guys? So roaming the hallways all week I have bumped into all the VJs a couple of times. On my way to grab a bite to ...

Phoebe Dykstra ... the NEWEST Pussycat Doll!

phoebedykstra auditions to be a Pussycat Doll!

Paramore co-host Todays Top 10 with Phoebe Dykstra - PART #2

Phoebe catch up with Paramore as they help her countdown their top 10 favourite modern love songs on MuchMusic's Todays ...

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