Nile Kinnick – video

Nile Kinnick Sports Century

a look back at the great Iowa football legend. Recorded in 2000.

Listen: Nile Kinnick's inspiring 1939 Heisman speech

Listen to the full speech given by Nile Kinnick when he received his Heisman award in 1939. Audio of Kinnick's speech was ...

State University of Iowa football vs. Notre Dame- November 11th, 1939

Silent; color. Duration is just under 20 minutes and includes scenes of the marching band, Scottish Highlanders, and crowd. Nile ...

The Story of Nile Kinnick

John U. Bacon narrates the story of Iowa's most iconic football player, Nile Kinnick.

Nile Kinnick's 1940 Radio Interview on WSUI

Former University of Iowa student Merle Miller, who would go on to become an influential journalist and author, interviews ...

Big Ten Film Vault: 1965 Yearbook - Iowa's Nile Kinnick Highlights

A look at highlights of Nile Kinnick, “The greatest football player in Iowa history”.

Nile Kinnick - Best Heisman Winners

"Big Ten's Best" takes a look at the Big Ten Heisman winners.

Big Ten Icons #07 - Nile Kinnick

Big Ten Icons #07 - Nile Kinnick.

Nile Kinnick "Hero for the Ages"

This segment on Nile Kinnick is from a CSTV special called "From Ballfields to Battlefields"

Nile Kinnick Heisman speech Iowa pregame

Nick Tomlonovic, dressed in a replica Nile Kinnick jersey, he recites Kinnick's 1939 Heisman Trophy acceptance speech before ...

Nile Kinnick Footage Heisman 1939

This film was given to Don Bice Jr. (Nile's cousin and my father) in the early 1940s, and went unviewed for 70 years. Don sent this ...

Nile Kinnick Heisman Trophy Speech (1939)

Nile Kinnick gives the best Heisman Speech in College Football History. It's a legendary story about a team led by a legendary ...

Nile Kinnick’s 1939 Heisman Trophy Speech and University of Iowa Fight Song

Donate to the Phi Kappa Psi Nile C. Kinnick Scholarship Fund: The scholarship was ...

Nile C. Kinnick High School Graduation 2020 (Final Version)

This the Nile C. Kinnick High School Graduation Ceremony Final Version. This version of the ceremony stream has been edited, ...

Athletic meeting Nile Kinnick Stadium

At the Nile Kinnick Stadium in Tokyo, the BCOF team of twenty two athletics won the all Japan Meet from eight other teams drawn ...

Nile C. Kinnick High School Graduation 2020

Nile C. Kinnick High School graduation ceremony held in Berkey Field, live streamed for families close at home and families far ...

Thanksgiving Letter from Nile Kinnick

"Speed the day when we can all gather there again.": Kelly and Jillian present a Thanksgiving letter from Iowa's scholar/sportsman ...

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