Nathan Horton – video

Whatever Happened To... Nathan Horton?

In today's episode, we take a look at the career of a former 30 goal-scorer and Stanley Cup champion as we ask: whatever ...

Nathan Horton's 2011 Playoffs

Nathan Horton's magical 2011 Playoffs, including 2 OT goals, 1 OT assist, and 2 Game 7 series clinching goals.

Nathan Horton Highlights #18

Nathan Horton Highlights #18. I do not own any of this footage. Starset - CARNIVORE. This video was suggested by Brandon ...

Nathan Horton wins Game 7 for the Bruins 4/27/2011 (1080p)

On April 27, 2011, Nathan Horton scored his second overtime goal of the Bruins-Montreal series, this time giving the Bruins the ...

Aaron Rome hits Nathan Horton Jun 6, 2011

Aaron Rome hits Nathan Horton from the Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins game on Jun 6, 2011. via ...

Nathan Horton vs Dion Phaneuf Mar 19, 2011

Nathan Horton vs Dion Phaneuf from the Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs game on Mar 19, 2011. via ...

Nathan Horton Press Conference

Blue Jackets general manager, Jarmo Kekalainen, introduces forward Nathan Horton as the newest member of the Blue Jackets.

Nathan Horton wins Game 5 vs. Montreal 4/23/2011 (NESN Feed, 1080p)

On the night of Saturday, April 23, 2011, Nathan Horton was the second Bruins player to beat Montreal Canadiens goaltender ...

Nathan Horton's Boston water - Because It's The Cup

Host Al Trautwig looks back at some of the more memorable moments in Stanley Cup Playoffs history.

Nathan Horton hat-trick Against Islanders - NHL Fox Sports Florida Feed

Nathan Horton gets a hat-trick in a in a 7-1 win in a game between the Islanders and Panthers.

Nathan Horton post-Game 7 interview 6/15/11

After the final game of the Stanley Cup Final, injured Boston Bruin forward Nathan Horton talks with NHL Network's Billy Jaffe.

RAW: Nathan Horton Speaks

Nathan Horton Signs Autographs at Blue Jackets Open House.

Aaron Rome's Clean Hit on Horton - Canucks at Bruins - R4G3 2011 Playoffs - 06.06.11 - HD

Aaron Rome lays a devastating hit on Nathan Horton during the Canucks game in Boston. This video is property of the NHL ...

Nathan Horton double OT winner 4/23/11

The Bruins win Game 5 in double OT with an amazing save form Tim Thomas and a game winner from Nathan Horton.

Nathan Horton Montage and Reaction to Ovation: Game 6 in Boston (Playoffs 2011)

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Inside Hockey- Nathan Horton Training Camp Interview 9/17/11

Nathan Horton spoke with the media about the upcoming season and his recovery from the concussion he sustained in the ...

Nathan Horton 2013 Season Goals

Horton had 13 Goals and 9 assist and 22 points. Horton is now just 2 goals shy of 200 career goals. I sure do miss him in South ...

Aaron Rome crushes Nathan Horton (Canucks & Bruins) NHL Jun 6, 2011

Stanley Cup Final. Game 3: Vancouver Canucks 1-8 Boston Bruins Aaron Rome HITS Nathan Horton.

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