Moses Brings Plenty – video

Moses Brings Plenty Native Actor

Music by Sacret Spirit - Heya Hee.

First Nations Lakota People. A Message for All of Humanity. Heartbreaking!

From the movie trailer "First Nations" by "Wind Cave Productions". Any copyrighted material in this video is copied for educational ...

Brule Airo Ancestors cry .Moses Brings Plenty.2007

Moses J. Brings Plenty (b. 4 Sep 1969) is an Oglala Lakota television, film, and stage actor, as well as a traditional drummer and ...

Rewilding and Saving Wild Horses

"Over 60000 wild horses currently stand warehoused in taxpayer-funded holding facilities; costing over $80million/year and rising.

Mo Brings Plenty of Cana Foundation on the Navajo Natiion

Re Connect, Re Wild with the land, the four leggeds as they hold the answer, they are our teachers, After the Indigenous Horse ...

Moses Brings Plenty speaks for the Horse Nation

Recorded March 24 2018 on the Navajo Nation.

MO BRINGS PLENTY as Sitting Bull

Short interview shot during rehearsals.

Strong Heart Warriors - Mo Brings Plenty

Interview of Moses Brings Plenty (Oglala Lakota Spiritual Leader) about the Lakota Strong Heart Warriors and the truth about ...

Deadliest Warrior Tonight 10/9c

Moses Brings Plenty is the Lakota Tribesman/Firearms Expert for Crazy Horse in tonight's episode of Deadliest Warrior: Crazy ...

Moses Brings Plenty Blessing

We were fortunate enough to have Moses Brings Plenty share a blessing at our 4th Annual Stakeholder Meeting on December ...

Moses Brings Plenty Introduces Night Shield At Nammys 9

Here's Moses introducing Night Shield at the 9th annual Native American Music Awards ceremony at Seneca Falls Casino in ...

Hoof Beats: Joining CANA Foundation’s mission to re-wild horses

Casey Cline, development director at Travois, gives a glimpse into her horseback riding adventures in Indian Country. This is ...

Moses Brings Plenty speaks

at the March Against Monsanto - Kansas City October 12th, 2013.

Moses Brings Plenty Band Harvest Moon American Indian Fest

Moses Brings Plenty Band at Harvest Moon American Indian Festival at Union Station in Kansas City, October 2012.

Mo Brings Plenty and Jay Begaye at the 2018 Navajo Nation Fair Part 3

Part 3 of 3. Our Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye was at this event and we were hopeful that he would hear what we had ...

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