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An Inside Look At Matt Millen's Battle Back from Amyloidosis | The B1G Story

Penn State All-American, 4 time Super Bowl champion and BTN football Analyst, Matt Millen was sidelined by a rare heart disease ...

Matt Millen breaks down when discussing Penn State

Former player Matt Millen's conversation about the Penn State scandal on Sportscenter.

BTN Analyst Matt Millen Fights For His Life | Big Ten Football

BTN catches up with football analyst Matt Millen, who is fighting a life-threatening disease that requires a heart transplant.

Matt Millen Reads Mean Tweets

BTN football analyst Matt Millen reads mean tweets directed at him on Twitter.

Matt Millen reflects on poor drafting with Lions

Matt Millen reflects on poor drafting with Lions. Brad Galli has more.

Linebacker U-Matt Millen as a Raider

Linebacker U All-American Matt Millen helped the 1983 raiders win their last Super Bowl. Mean Dude...

Matt Millen drops NBomb - and nobody noticed (0:57 mark)

I can't believe nobody has noticed this! It was on SportsCenter the morning after that SICK Michael Vick game. ANOTHER ...

Penn State great Matt Millen talks about his heart condition

Penn State great Matt Millen is in need of a heart transplant after being diagnosed with amyloidosis.


Steve Young and Matt Millen almost brawled on MNF 11/22/10. Tempers began to fly and ESPN never cut away. Before the game ...

Matt Millen evaluates Tommy Stevens' decision to leave Penn State

Penn State legend Matt Millen shares his thoughts on quarterback Tommy Stevens transferring to Mississippi State.

How to Diffuse Objections With Matt Millen

How to diffuse objections with Matt Millen, Sr. VP of Revenue at

Linebacker U Matt Millen All Madden Clip as a 49er

Former PSU All American Matt Millen leads the defense as the Niners win their 4th Super Bowl in 1989! He was physical.

GM Matt Millen talks about 2008 NFL Draft

Mat Millen on the 2008 NFL Draft.

1-on-1 with BTN's Matt Millen

Matt Millen called the Badgers' game against Michigan State for the Big Ten Network. He had a lot to say after Wisconsin's ...

Matt Millen - Face of Failure or Expert Analyst?

Czabecast - Matt Millen is back... ALREADY.

Vikings vs Lions 2001 Week 14

All rights go to ESPN, Fox, CBS, NBC, the NFL & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video.

Former Nittany Lion Matt Millen Breaks Down on ESPN

A crazy, emotional, hectic, somber, day on the Penn State campus. Students express their opinions on the Sandusky Scandal and ...

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