Maddy Gibbons – video

Maddy Gibbons Coed Elite Banquet Speech 2017

Watch the very heart felt speech of Maddy Gibbons. Sorry the video is grainy but it was basically dark out there.

Coed Elite Jordan Lukens and Maddy Gibbons Speech Banquet 2014

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Cheer Extreme Coed Elite 2012 (Part 3 of 3) Cheering + Gymnastics

Check out Cheer Extreme's COED ELITE team as they gear up for their upcoming season! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to this ...

Cheer Extreme Coed Elite 2012 Showcase "Ashley's Army"

Enjoy the 2012 Coed Elite team from Cheer Extreme as they join together in efforts to fight for their team mom (Ashley Fritts) and ...

CEA REWIND 10 YEARS! Gibbons Girls, Coach Dan, the POPES!

All footage provided by the Gibbons family! Take a look back in their video vault! See all the Gibbons girls and some of Coach Dan ...

Chelsea Gibbons & Matt Cline Wedding Day

Watch Cheer Extreme's own Chelsea Gibbons (Molly and Maddy's sister) and Matt Cline on their beautiful wedding day!

CEA Coed Elite Maddy Gibbons

When I was at the coed elite practice on Sunday July 10th!! :) She's a great tumbler and flyer!!

Cheer Extreme Maddy GIbbons 2013 2 X 2 video

This is 2 X 2 2013 video of Maddy Gibbons.

Cheer Extreme Molly and Maddy GIbbons Combo video by 2 X 2

This is Jay of 2 X 2 video of Molly and Maddy GIbbons throughout season 2013.

Maddy Gibbons~ a young competitor

Maddy Gibbons~ a young competitor.

Maddy Gibbons ♥

Maddy Gibbons.

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