Louis Ferreira – video

"Forever Young" – Interview with Louis Ferreira (2020)

The man behind Stargate Universe's commanding officer sits down with GateWorld to discuss Limetown, days of Stargate past, and ...

Stargate Universe: A day with the Colonel Young [Louis Ferreira]

[Français ~ English] -Une journée avec Louis Ferreira, tout au long d'une journée de tournage. -A day with Louis Ferreira, during ...

Louis & Patrick Go for a Drive

Let's flip the track, bring the old school back. This is how we duet. Louis Ferreira & Patrick Gilmore go for a drive...it's a simple as ...

Chatting with Louis Ferreira - SGU

Chatting with Col. Young who is portrayed by actor Louis Ferreira.

Stargate Universe - Brian J. Smith and Louis Ferreira Interviews

Two of the leading actors talk about where their characters will go in the second season of 'SGU.'

Instant Button fixes ABC "Motive" actor, Louis Ferreira Popped-Off Button

Actor, Louis Ferreira from "Breaking Bad," "Stargate," and ABC "Motive" was walking around with a popped-off button secured by a ...

Louis Ferreira Wants YOU | Stargate Universe Preview | HD

Join Louis Ferreira and make sure you watch Stargate Universe! For more exclusive content such as behind the scenes ...

DANCING STILL - Starring Ingrid Rogers & Louis Ferreira

Natalie and Shane are former lovers who reconnect fifteen years after last seeing each other. The lives they chose since their ...

Louis Ferreira on Positivity and Getting Involved with Charities!

Inspire Dance TV's Kristine Wilson interviews Louis Ferreira, as he talks about what motivates him to get involved with good ...

Marc SAEZ voix française de Louis ferreira ex "justin louis"

Marc SAEZ voix française de Justin Louis dans la série DURHAM COUNTY. Plus d'infos sur moi sur mon site officiel ...

Louis Ferreira - Complex Conflicts With Rush.flv

Louis Ferreira discusses the conflicts between Col. Young and Dr. Rush as well as Col. Young's personal conflicts.

Louis Ferreira q&a - Stargatearchive.com

Louis Ferreira answers the fans questions on the up and coming Stargate Universe.

Brian J. Smith and Louis Ferreira on 'Stargate Universe' Season 2

Brian J. Smith and Louis Ferreira on 'Stargate Universe' Season 2 SGU Syfy MGM.

Louis Ferreira (Stargate Universe) on The Hour Jan 29th 2010

Louis Ferreira - Colonel Young from Stargate Universe on The Hour with George Strombolopolus CBC at 11 Sorry for bad quality.

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