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Oxtail Stew my way

Nothing more heartwarming and nostalgic than a good hearty oxtail stew. I have various recipes for it, this is my simple version of ...

Gemere (Ginger Beer) 101

Carrying on with the basics during lockdown. This is how to make basic ginger beer the way I do. The recipe is from my book, Dijo.

Cook Like A Bosch: Simple custard 101

The classic way to make a Creme Anglaise or a simple vanilla custard.

Behind the scenes with Top Chef's Lorna Maseko, Lesego Semenya and Neill Anthony | FULL INSERT

With these foodies in your corner, you have got a winning recipe in your hands. We met the Top Chef team at Joburg's Mad Giant ...

Cook like a Bosch: Mash 101

The basics of cooking with Bosch Home and myself. Taking it all the way back to the simplest of dishes during this COVID19 ...

Eggs 101

Something as simple as eggs is often taken for granted. I breakdown how to cook eggs like I do. Breakfast duty is usually the first ...

Cook Like A Bosch: Ox Liver 101

How I make beef liver. The buttermilk helps soften the liver and draw out that iron/bitter taste. The flour helps seal the moisture in.

Dijo: My food, My Journey review

Lesego Semenya, chef and author describes his book. Courtesy of #DSTV403

Cook Like A Bosch: Steak and Gravy / Au Jus 101

Ever wonder how those sauces in restaurants are made? Here's a simple step by step to old school steak and gravy. You can use ...

Fried Chicken 101

They say fried chicken the national vegetable in South Africa. We love us some good old fried chicken. Here is how I make it.

Glenfiddich Mavericks Lesego Semenya

Businessman turned Chef, Lesego Semenya, is an inspiration to others who challenge the status quo. He gave up his job as an ...

10 questions. Chapter 1

Every week I'll be answering 10 random questions sent to us by you and other people on social media. Ask ANYTHING!

Blue Ribbon Presents the Best Thing With Sliced Bread - Lesego Semenya

Introducing the Best Thing with Sliced Bread. 6 months, 6 bloggers, 1 judge, a whole load of original Blue Ribbon recipes and a ...

Moz-style Peri Peri Braai Prawns

One of the many things I love about visiting Mozambique is how they cook freshly-caught seafood for you right on the seashore.

Food Photography: My equipment

The basic equipment I use for food photography.

Peanut Butter Creamed Spinach

I grew up hating spinach...til I learned how to make it tasty as an adult. Only 4 minutes to make this dish but it is super tasty every ...

Roast beetroot salad

I grew up with beetroot being there every Sunday as part of the standard "seven colours" sunday buffet. It was always swimming in ...

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