Lara Jean Marshall – video

Sophie Bennett and Lara Jean Marshall Saddle Club Live (28/03/2020)

The two Saddle Club former stars, Sophie Bennett (alias Stevie) and Lara Jean Marshall (alias Lisa), made a live together Sunday ...

We Reunited Lara Jean Marshall With Patch And Had A Throwback To "The Saddle Club"

"The storylines and the adventure…It's an amazing world."

I grew up on TV?

Hi guys! Some of you know and some don't that I was an actor growing up. I wanted to finally talk about it and answer some of the ...

Lara Marshall: In Denial

Lara Marshall (from The Saddle Club) vid for all you SC fans! This version of "In Denial" came from the 'Best Of' CD. Enjoy!

Lara Jean Marshall-Hello World

titre:Hello World interprete:Lara Jean Marshall parole: Hello world, this is me Life should be fun for everyone Every now and then ...

5 Facts About Child Actors

As some of you know I grew up as an actor. I was Stevie on The Saddle Club and did smaller roles here and there before and after ...

Lara Marshall Memories Part 1

lara best memroes from season 1 and 2 enjoy.

Lara Jean Marshall Tribute

This is a really beautiful tribute to Lara Marshall from the Saddle Club. The vid convays all her best memories that she has had.

R.I.P Jessica Jacobs

jessica jacobs who was 17 when she was tragically killed by a train she was in the saddle club and she is dearly missed by ...

Tribute Storm - Lara Jean Marshall (lyrics)

Song: Tribute Singer: Lara Jean Marshall The Saddle Club.

Lara Jean Marshall - Early life and education

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The Saddle Club - Hello World (Live)

Live performance of Hello World from The Saddle Club series 1&2 cast Lara Jean Marshall, Sophie Bennett and Keenan ...

Lara Jean Marshall Tribute

Hey, everybody! This is a movie I've made about the fabolous actress Lara Jean Marshall, who plays Lisa Atwood in The Saddle ...

Lara Jean Marshall Tribute

Here is a tribute to Lara Jean Marshall also known as Lisa Atwood in the saddle club.

Eminem - Without Me (Official Video)

iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Playlist ...

Lara Jean Marshall.wmv

Voiçi Une vidéo Sur Lara Jean Marshall Une Actrice Qui Aura Conquit Nos Coeurs Pendant 2 Belle Saisons De Grand Galop.

Keenan Mac William au salon du cheval Paris 2008 INTERVIEW

Interview de Keenan Mac William(Carole Grand Galop) au salon du cheval Paris 2008 !! =)

The Saddle Club - Every Day

"Every Day" Performed by Lara Jean Marshall Sorry about the poor quality video! :)

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