Kaegan Baron – video

Kaegan Baron | 'and now it's all behind me...'

I know this isn't christmassy at all but whatever! Happy early christmas to the lovely Baron family! They've been so sweet to me this ...

Lilly Kruk & Kaegan Baron ~Swallowed in the sea

READ FIRST second time vidding this song, it really never gets old. this was supposed to be a multimodels vid but it kind of took ...

Kaegan Baron | "Perfect Places" {HBD!}

A huge 14th birthday to Kaegan! I cannot believe how much she is growing up, I've been making videos of her since she was 9!

Kaegan Baron | 'Happy?'

This was so fun to make! I have a Kaegan & Adeline video to upload so hopefully I'll get round to that :) I love this version of ...


I love using all these photos! They're all so beautiful! I had a lot of fun editing this so I hope you enjoy :) fandom- Kaegan Baron ...

Kaegan Baron | "Love"

finally a new Kaegan video! damn, it's been wayyy too long. Lana is my fav & Kaegan is the coolest girl so I thought the combo ...

Kaegon Baron {Primadonna}

I was bored and so I decided to make this video hope you like it CREDITS: I do not own anything I got the pictures from there: ...

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Traffic? Who cares! I can entertain myself anywhere.

TOP 10 most beautiful girls in the world

Tenth Avenue North - Hold my heart https://youtu.be/qEz2PsLJ-RI. 10 - Kristina...

Happy Holidays!

first time i've had a Christmas video up in a lottt of years! as soon as i heard this song, i knew it was perfect for a video & i had a lot ...

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Thanks to @smartboardla I'm back in business! #younghollywood.

Kaegan Baron // Peacok

This Video is dedicated to the awesome Baron Family! I Love The Baron Family they are soo kind! thaks for being so pacient with ...

Since i see the Sunshine, Since i Smile :)...... [ Kaegan Baron]

[RE-UPLOADED] Fail.... This is for the AMAZING Baron Family! they're soo kind! and k is awesome! i love her!

Kaegan Baron - Meet me Halfway {COLLAB WITH SASKIA}

My first collab with Saskia with her on Sony vegas !! She did an awesome job with tag & editing ;) I did part 2 !! Love you hunnie !

Kaegan Baron || "Ready or not"

I've been wanting to vid Kaegan for a while now and since I had nothing to do on the weekend I made this. Hope you like it!

lilly kruk and kaegan baron //Oath Dedicated to Aria

I love you so much Aria you was there for me when no one else was hope you love it~Kayla.

Hello,Hello..anybody out there?{Kaegan Baron}

havent made a vid of kaegan in so long! thanks to jenna for the song idea:)

Kaegan Baron - Sweet Pea {WATCH IN HD}

I know this looks very similar to my collab with Saskia, that's because I've done it at the same time, & I was too lazy to download ...

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