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Ian Haueter

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why we broke up.


Mama’s having a breakdown- Caught On Tape!!

This is real, unedited footage of Mama Haueter throwing an actual fit.

The Struggle Is Real!

Living in a house full of boys can be total chaos at times. They fight, they scream, and they fight and scream some more. Check out ...

Jayden Makes Brownies!

This is the moment you have all been waiting for! Jayden finally gets to make his brownies! Watch the entire video to see how the ...

My Daughter Hit Me in the Face With An Ice Cream Cone!

Kylee is home from college so I thought we would go out and have a nice family dinner.

We can’t even play UNO without drama

We actually took a day off from our busy schedule to have a family day but as you can see...even our relaxing days end up being ...

Top 20 Musically Stars Then and Now ★ Real Name and Age ★ Before and After

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Our most liked Tiktoks Part One

A compilation of our most liked videos from our first year on TikTok. It's crazy to see how much the boys have grown!

A Terrifying Night at Screamtown

We went to Screamtown in Chaska, Minnesota to see how scary it was. We only showed a few of the terrifying moments we ...

Mama and Mosely singing The Star Spangled Banner Fergie Style

I don't care what anyone says Fergie rocked the Star Spangled Banner! We just can't stop singing it!

SpaghettiO’s Challenge

We taste tested 4 different brands of SpaghettiOs and rated them all! Everyone's favorite will shock you!

Ian Haueter

Ya Ian Haueter.

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