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Hannah-Jane Fox Showreel, c/o Cole Kitchenn Personal Management Ltd www.colekitchenn.com.

Tony Vincent and Hannah Jane Fox perform "Under Pressure" on GMTV

We Will Rock You, London cast members Tony Vincent and Hannah Jane Fox perform Under Pressure on the early morning ...

TONY VINCENT and Hannah Jane Fox interview / performance on "This Morning" 2002.

We Will Rock You (London) stars Tony Vincent and Hannah J Fox are interviewed and perform "Hammer To Fall" on day time ...

One Year of Love - HANNAH JANE FOX | The Follow Spot

West End Video I http://westendvideo.co.uk The Follow Spot - Tickets | http://thefollowspot.co.uk.

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - HANNAH JANE FOX | The Follow Spot

West End Video I http://westendvideo.co.uk The Follow Spot Tickets | http://thefollowspot.co.uk.

Hannah Jane Fox | Queen | WWRY Cast | Somebody To Love (cover)

Finsbury Division London corporate party band Rock Pop classics by artists The Cure, Kings Of Leon, Lady GAGA, The ...

Hannah Jane Fox (with Roger Taylor) - Jarvis

Jarvis by Hannah Jane Fox with Roger Taylor on drums. Released as a single and on her album 'You Got People' in 2009, which ...

Hannah Jane Fox - Stalker (Produced by Roger Taylor)

Stalker by Hannah Jane Fox. Released on the"We Will Rock You - Around The World" EP on iTunes in 2005. Produced by Roger ...

We Will Rock You Scaramouche comparison - Somebody To Love

I put as many different portrayals here as I could. If a certain actor doesn't appear here I either couldn't find or didn't have ...

WWRY: Party in the Park

Live performances from the musical We Will Rock You based on Queen's music. Tony Vincent sings We Will Rock You and ...

Do it in the rain - Hannah Jane Fox (cover)

This is a song by Hannah Jane Fox. I have no idea how I ever came across it because apparently the album never got released.

Hammer to Fall-WWRY

Hammer to Fall from We Will Rock You the musical. Tony Vincent and Hannah Jane Fox. I did not record this.

Wheel on Water [cover] - Hannah Jane Fox

A cover of another of the amazing Hannah Jane Fox's original compositions; again, still with a ghost of her voice in the ...

You Got People [COVER] - Hannah Jane Fox

Purely for my own pleasure, this is a cover of a small clip of one of Hannah Jane Fox's original compositions, You Got People.

CBBC: Millie Inbetween - Meet Mum

Meet the actress Hannah Jane Fox who plays Mum, Sharon, in CBBC's Millie Inbetween! Watch more brilliant Millie Inbetween ...

'Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)' [cover] - Hannah Jane Fox/Don McLean

A one take bash at this most beautiful of songs; to my shame, I've only just discovered it. It took a wonderful cover by Hannah Jane ...

#DNL9 IGNORANCE: Ippolita, Hannah Jane Parkinson, Vladan Joler, Tatiana Bazzichelli.

Disruption Network Lab An ongoing platform of events and research on art, hacktivism and disruption in Berlin Berlin, September ...

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