Evey Dantes – video

Bat Girl, Evey Dantes, The End, STGCC Day 2 2014, P40

Part 40/40 of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2014 Day 2 ...

Super Girl, Evey Dantes, STGCC Day 2 2014, P30

Super Girl Part 30/40 of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2014 Day 2 ...

My Toy Room!

For those asking to see my collectables.

Evey Plays Bioshock Infinite

Join Evey Dantes as she plays Bioshock Infinite Remastered. Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayboxEnt Facebook: https://www ...

V For Vendetta - ending

The ending to V For Vendetta. Quite brilliant!


SadAffleck my homage to Chris Crocker's 2008 Leave Britney alone video!

Tears in rain.

Tribute to Rose Mcgowan - RM 486.

Evey Plays Battleborn

Join Evey Dantes as she plays Battleborn. Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayboxEnt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com ...

An Explosive Cosplayer: Evey Dantès - Dantès Inferno - Episode 57

Evey Dantès' skill as a cosplayer has got her to the place that many cosplayers wish they were at: Being paid to cosplay. Evey has ...

Ok growing up sucks

It's these long limbs dang it.

Evey Study

Hello! Did a study of a beautiful photograph by Beethy Photography http://beethy.deviantart.com/ ! Main focus was on the lighting ...

Evey Plays Overwatch #2

Join Evey Dantes as she plays Overwatch. Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayboxEnt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com ...

Evey Plays Doom

Join Evey Dantes as she plays Doom for the first time. Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayboxEnt Facebook: https://www.facebook ...

Beating the meat

Playing Dead Rising 3 because wtf not.

Harley Quinn/Negan crossover dance!

Inspired by artwork by BossLogic.

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