Dorothy Height – video

Dorothy Height Interviewed by Julian Bond: Explorations in Black Leadership Series

Julian Bond interviews civil rights leader and social activist Dorothy Height in this installment of "Explorations in Black Leadership.

Remembering Dr. Dorothy Height

President Obama delivers the eulogy at a memorial service for Dr. Dorothy Height, saying that the inspirational civil rights leader ...

Oral Histories: Explorations in Black Leadership - Dorothy Height

Full Program Airs Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 12pm ET. For More Information:

Dorothy Height with President Obama at the White House

Watch never-before-seen video of President Obama and "the godmother of the Civil Rights Movement," Dr. Dorothy Height, during ...

Remembering Civil Rights Activist Dorothy Height

Dorothy Height (BA '33, MA '35, HON '75) taught us to fight hard, privilege justice and equality, and see the beauty in every ...

Civil Rights Luminary Dorothy Height Dies at 98

Gwen Ifill remembers civil rights activist Dr. Dorothy Height, who was a leader in both the African-American and women's rights ...

Dorothy Height, 1912-2010

A tribute to civil rights leader Dorothy Height, 1912-2010.

Dorothy Height, Civil Rights Leader, Dies

Dorothy Height, who as longtime president of the National Council of Negro Women was the leading female voice of the 1960s ...

Obama Honors Dorothy Height, Civil Rights Icon

President Barack Obama says civil rights icon Dorothy Height lived a righteous life that changed the country for the better. Obama ...

Dorothy Height at the 1997 HRC National Dinner

Civil rights activist Dorothy Height speaks at the 1997 Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in Washington, DC.

@Annenberg with civil rights leader Dorothy Height

Dr. Dorothy Height is recognized as one of the preeminent social and civil rights activists of our time; since 1957 she has served ...

Dr. Dorothy Height Receives the W.C. Handy Humanitarian Award- Black Gold Awards 1987

Dr. Dorothy Irene Height wins the 1987 WC Handy Award at the Black Gold Awards.

A Conversation with Dorothy Height - National Portrait Gallery

"A Conversation with Dorothy Height" occurred at the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, on March 19, 1997.

Maggie Williams introduces Dr. Dorothy Height, September 1994

Maggie Williams, former chief of staff to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, talks about her relationship and admiration for the late ...

Dorothy Height: Sharing MLK's Dream

More at "It's my faith that it is not meant that we should be destroying each other." Hear Dorothy Height speak ...

Rep. Fudge Honors the Life Dorothy Height During Resolution on House Floor on April 21, 2010

Rep. Fudge Honors the Life Dorothy Height During Resolution on House Floor on April 21, 2010 -- Transcript On yesterday, ...

Dorothy Height Elementary Opens

First day of class at Dorothy I. Height Elementary School.

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