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Secret Sends Ep. 1: Danny Bateman | Red Downhill | Revolution Bike Park

Danny Bateman (one of the trail crew and utter shredder) show us some of the secret lines and gaps on the red run (Freeride) at ...

UPPYPUPPY TV REVO DIARIES: Danny Bateman ft lambert shredding

Danny Bateman shredding revolution bike park with the boys today! Full gas, Hit him on on social media! insta:dannybatemandh.

Danny bateman, Winter Revo shredding

Danny Bateman shredding the finest trails in the uk! Hush hush boys were in town sending it.

Updates to Revit at Revolution Bike Park with Danny Bateman

Danny Shows off some of the updated jumps on Revit, the jump line at Revolution Bike Park in North Wales. Make sure you let us ...

Revolution Bike Park, Danny Bateman being Danny Bateman, Shredding

Danny Bateman shredding Revolution bike park on the weekend and just being him.

Danny Bateman Full Freeride track preview! Revolution bike park

Danny Bateman doing a track preview of the New full free ride track at revolution bike park! If you've Been to revolution bike park ...

Danny bateman 50/01 track preview! Revolution Bike park

Danny Bateman giving you a full track preview of the 50/01 line at revolution bike park! If you've Been to revolution bike park more ...

Get me the ball!

The Replacements.

Revolution bike park, The best bike park in the uk? Danny bateman tour guide part one

Danny Bateman giving you a tour of revolution bike park ! List of tracks below. Part two is on the way.

Danny Bateman Saturday shredding! ft Ryan Windsor

Danny and Ryan headed up costa del nog for some shredding in the dust! Throwing some skid and whips.


Going to start a new series/ set of videos from me meeting riders and shredding at Revo as well as me riding on the weekend! this ...

don't hit the guys with the red shirts

don't hit the guys with the red shirts.

Best freeride track in the uk? Vison line Revolution bike park! Danny bateman Sending, walkthrough

Danny Bateman Shredding the new vision line at revolution bike park! Gives you a walkthrough on the line and shows you the ...

Bangers and mash ft Danny B and Ryan Windsor

Big things going of at Revolution today! Danny Bateman and Ryan Windsor shredding.

"Sublime" - Danny Bateman (Worship)

An original worship song. Written November 2019.

HSBC UK National championships track preview! Revolution bike park Danny Bateman and Kenzie Nevard

track preview for the national downhill national championships at Revolution bike park! Danny and Kenzie take you for a ride ...

Danny Batemen VISION line sending and shredding Revolution bike park

Danny Bateman showing you the new vision line and the new bits at the park!

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