Daniel Magder – video

Life With Derek Podcast. AUDITIONS. Mike, Ashley, Daniel.

The Cast Auditions for LWD! Mike Seater Ashley Leggat Daniel Magder Jordan Todosay John Ralston. (Re-Uploaded) 17047.

Daniel Magder's Life WithOUT Derek Part 2

What is this mysterious job offer? Shayne Levine attempts to find out in the documentary of British/Canadian Actor Daniel Magder.

Life Advice with Danny Mags- Rockstar Edition

I'm Danny Mags, and I can help you feel like a rockstar. Why bother with expensive instruments that require actual musical ...


Omg it is Daniel! He is soo hott!!!!!!!

Daniel Magder's Life withOUT Derek Trailer

See the life of an actor like no other. On May 22nd- He will try and prove he doesn't suck.

Daniel Magder

Canadian voice and on line actors.....

Mudpit - Cast Interview -Daniel Madger

Mudpit - Cast Interview -Daniel Madger.

Life With Derek Podcast 302

Ashley Leggat, Daniel Magder, and Jordan Todosey give episode commentary on 'It's Our Party.'

Magder ALS Challenge

Evan Grunberger, Ashley Leggat, and ERIC FREILICH. You're up!

Daniel Magder

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung: https://amzn.to/2UKHXys Daniel Magder Daniel Magder ( 12.Dezember 1991 in Toronto, ...

Pixikill - Scream [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

We're MUJYBELA now! For new music check out our Spotify! It's totally 80's! Pixikill presents to you their first ever short film/music ...

Knockout - Official Trailer

SYNOPSIS: Outsider and new kid Matthew (Daniel Magder) desperately wants to join his high school's boxing team, but resident ...

Pledgefactor Introduction

Greetings Ladies and Gents! Firstly I appologize for the shitty audio in this webcam vid. I hate macs and so my laptop by default ...


Picked from the garbage, a piece of paper with an enticing message begins to alter the lives of those who read it. From the hands ...

[OFFICIAL] UBC LipDub - Raise Your Glass & Celebrity Status (ft. Marianas Trench and more!) in HD

Starring: Marianas Trench's Josh Ramsay, Ian Casselman, Mike Ayley, and Matt Webb, with Kirsten Wicklund, and Daniel Magder ...

Life With Derek Podcast. The Game Show Part 2.

Mike Seater, Ashley Leggat & Daniel Magder. The Game Show Part 2. 2006. (Re-Uploaded) 11241.


June 16th (This date is 100% accurate, don't worry) my first attempt at directing a real movie will be released to the world.

The Begining of IOI

Opening Credits to Idiots on Idiots, with two bonus scenes!!!

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