Dan Thorn – video

News anchor hams it up behind the desk

Dancing anchorman's co-anchor won't dance. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on dancing breaks taken during commercial breaks.

Dan Thorn Anchor/Reporter Demo Reel

59News Anchor Dan Thorn anchoring and reporting for WVNS-TV.

Dan Thorn on FOX & Friends Weekend

"Dancing Anchor," Dan Thorn talks and dances with the hosts on the couch of FOX & Friends Weekend on FOX News Channel.

Dan Thorn: MAGA HAT(e)

It's not easy being a Republican in California, but it might be even more difficult to support President Donald Trump while wearing ...

Dan Thorn: ANCHORMAN/Duck Dynasty SportsZone

Halloween 2014...Friday Night Football Sports Show!

Dan Thorn: West Virginia Tonight Open

Open for "West Virginia Tonight" Nexstar Broadcasting's statewide newscast. Formerly, "Tonight Live." Anchor, Dan Thorn ...

Dan Thorn on The Rachael Ray Show

News Anchor "Dancing Dan Thorn" joins The Rachael Ray Show! I used a video enhancer that helped stabilize the images so this ...

Dan Thorn the Dancing News Man at his sister's wedding 6-9-12

Bill and Amanda Rogers' Wedding Reception June 9, 2012 Including Dan Thorn the Dancing News Man BEFORE he was ...

Dan Thorn as "Macho Man" for Hunks in Heels '15

News Anchor Dan Thorn stars as former WWF/WWE Wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage in Hunks in Heels charity event.

Dan Thorn: Exclusive Interview w/ Senator Bernie Sanders: Revisiting "Trump Country"

Senator Sanders talks healthcare, drug crisis, coal mining and President Donald Trump in McDowell County, WV. 3/13/17.

Dan Thorn Anchoring/Reporting

Some clips anchoring and reporting for West Virginia Media's 13 News, "Tonight Live" and 59News. (2015)

Dan Thorn Armed Robbery at local Doughnut Shop

59News Anchor Dan Thorn Reports: Beckley Police are searching for a suspect after a violent armed robbery at Donut ...

Dan Thorn: Making Ice Cream Melt Slower?

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland say a protein can help ice cream not melt as fast. (shot, written, edited)

Solar dan Thorn???!!! Unboxing Choki Choki Box With The NEW Boboiboy Kuasa Tujuh Cards Part 5

Follow Instagram: azrulfiz https://www.instagram.com/azrulfiz/ Please set the quality to 720p or 1080p (HD) for better view. Choki ...

Dan Thorn: On the "Record"

Hometown Adventures checks out Record Store Day.

Dan Thorn: Exclusive interview w/ Senator Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator and Former Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders talks cancelled McDowell County, WV event, coal country ...

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