Commodore Matthew Perry – video

Matthew Perry and the Opening of Japan

My 2016 National History Day project.

Samurai, Daimyo, Matthew Perry, and Nationalism: Crash Course World History #34

In which John Green teaches you about Nationalism. Nationalism was everywhere in the 19th century, as people all over the ...

Founding Fragments - Commodore Perry

American history isn't always just about America – sometimes, it's about Japan. On July 8, 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry ...

Commodore Perry

I made this cartoon for the history teacher at our school. He said he wanted it to be funny. I hope you enjoy!

Commodore Matthew Perry's Lesser Known Deed

Clips sailing on the USS Constitution and a ramble about Matthew Perry while on vacation in Newport RI.

Commodore Perry

This video is about Comm Perry.

Turning Point: The Momentous Events that Created Modern Japan

To Japan, the arrival of Commodore Perry and his Black Ships in 1853 was almost as shocking as if Martians had landed.

Samurai Champloo - Historical Figures [PART 1]: Alexander Joy Cartwright Jr. & Matthew C. Perry

Samurai Champloo Episode 23 – “Baseball Blues” Samurai Champloo has been widely known as one of the best anime.

Teaching Japan Imperialism 1854-1896

Japan was a peaceful nation until Commodore Perry arrived and threatened war unless Japan bowed to Western commercial ...

Tribute to Commodore Matthew Perry

Many Japanese have a love/hate relationship with this guy but I really admired Commodore Matthew C. Perry and here is why!!!

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