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Chanelle is a 24 year old lunatic from Manchester with a heart of gold and the voice of an angel... ☀️ For exclusive Ex On ...

Q&A with Big Brother 18's Chanelle McCleary

I sat down with Chanelle and asked her a bunch of your questions!! Let me know if you'd like to see other Big Brother housemates ...

Chanelle Mcleary Funniest Moments - Big Brother 18

Chanelle is a legend - all content owned by big brother uk ;)

Chanelle's Best Bits

There have been highs, and there have been lows! Here's a mash-up of Chanelle's time in the house.

Chanelle breaks down | Day 7

Sukhvinder tries to make peace with Chanelle, but it does not end well.

Prayers Up: Chanelle McCleary Reportedly Hospitalized After Suffering Health Scare

Reality star Chanelle McCleary has announced that she has suffered a miscarriage. The Ex On The Beach and Big Brother ...

Chanelle is a MASSIVE drama queen | Day 41

Andrew & Chanelle are set a secret mission to be the biggest drama queen in the House. If they successfully pass the mission, ...

Chanelle is FURIOUS about being exiled | Day 1

People's Housemate Tom has some big decisions to make in his position of power and it's safe to say that this one didn't go down ...

Chanelle's unhappy birthday! | Day 46

What's the best way for the housemates to celebrate Chanelle's birthday? Ignore her obviously!

Simone & Chanelle have it out | Day 33

The claws are out between Chanelle & Simone, but who's patronising who?

Charlotte confronts Chanelle about the size of her balls | Day 36

After seeing her Mum in the temptation room, Charlotte isn't happy with Chanelle. She confronts her, to let her know just how big ...

Chanelle LOSES IT with Lotan | Day 18

Tempers flare in the Big Brother House when Chanelle accuses Lotan of mocking her intelligence.

Charlotte Crosby Rages At The Loose Women | MTV News

Also, this woman has been photoshopping Zac Efron onto her ex's face, Chanelle McCleary kicks off on day one of Big Brother ...

Chanelle sings Isabelle's praises | Day 51

Chanelle turns up to Deborah & Kieran's wedding and delivers some home truths to the remaining housemates.

Chanelle's wake up dance | Day 23

Now THAT'S a wake up call!

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