Aurelia Taylor – video

HeyGirlHey ~ Aurelia Taylor Sings The National Anthem

Aurelia with her bestie Keely singing her heart out with the National Anthem at Glamstars Pageant.

Aurelia Taylor This Way Comes

Stormy afternoon fun in Florida!

Aurelia Taylor for President?

Someday maybe! She looks Patriotic giving a speech. Fun times in Nashville heading home from Dixieland Darlings Pageant!

HeyGirlHey ~ A Day Out with Aurelia Taylor: Episode A - After Irma

Come on a tour with Aurelia Taylor as she visits her neighborhood after Hurricane Irma.

Hey Girl Hey with Aurelia Taylor and Robot Froyo?!?!

Have you had #froyorobot? It's awesome!! Just watch then comment below your favorite ice cream topping!

HeyGirlHey ~ Hot Sauce Challenge with Aurelia Taylor - Episode 2

HeyGirlHey - HeyBoyHey !!! Enjoy an afternoon with Aurelia Taylor sampling hot sauces at Moe's! Is it hot or not? :-)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Aurelia Taylor

HeavenlyAngelsSouth #practice #talent #musiccity #nashville #GuitarGirl.

HeyGirlHey ~ A Night Out With Aurelia Taylor : Mickeys Not So Scary

Come chill on A night out with Aurelia Taylor and Team Voz at Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party !!! Disney World!!!!

HeyGirlHey ~ A Day Out With Aurelia Taylor: Episode B - Surprise Exclusive Movie Premiere

HeyGirlHey come and join the #VozSquad ! Today's episode a surprise day out to the exclusive premiere of Lego Ninjago Movie!

HeyGirlHey ~ Aurelia Taylor Karaoke : Twinkle Twinkle

Some old school Aurelia Taylor singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - circa 2015.

Lakeland Electric - Aurelia Taylor 2/16

Aurelia Taylor's first commercial with Lakeland Electric at age 3.

Lakeland Electric Kiosk Commercial - Aurelia Taylor 6/16

Aurelia Taylor's second commercial with Lakeland Electric at age 3.

Aurelia Rocks Fashion Week!

Some footage of Aurelia Taylor Rockin Orlando International Fashion Week 2017. Cameo by our Bestie and SuperStar Bryson J ...

HeyGirlHey - Come Join Aurelia's Photoshoot - Pt 1

Come watch the Photoshoot fun! TeamVoz and Aurelia Taylor had a Photoshoot in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida with Marliese ...

Hey Girl Hey Live - Episode 1

Aurelia Taylor opens a Fizzy Fun Sea Egg Blind Bag!!!

Aurelia Sings The Oscar Mayer Song

Caraoke Time with Aurelia Taylor.

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