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I hope you guys enjoy this video. I had a lot of fun making it, and I can't wait to share more vlogs with you all. God bless you guys!

ABC "The Middle's" Atticus Shaffer - THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW

This young actor does his homework, especially when he shares the screen with someone like Betty White. Active:

Anxious Times

Anxious Times Twitch: Instagram: Twitter: ...

Atticus Shaffer speaks on the importance of faith | The Third Act

On this episode, actor Atticus Shaffer, joins Becky Sattero at his favorite restaurant, Sushi 661 in Santa Clarita, CA for a stirring ...

Pure Talk with Atticus Shafer

Atticus Shaffer spent nearly a decade entertaining audiences as "Brick" on ABC's "The Middle." Now, he's answering fan ...

Atticus Shaffer from the TV show "THE MIDDLE" Talks about His Experiences With Being Bullied

My Life My Power, the Premier Anti-Bullying & Youth Development Program Presents: Atticus Ronald Shaffer, who is an American ...


Thought this would be an interesting comment to discuss. Please comment if you want to hear my thoughts on any other topic and ...

Patricia Heaton and Atticus Shaffer Go Through Middle Memories - The Middle

In honor of The Middle's 200th episode, Atticus Shaffer (Brick) and Patricia Heaton (Frankie) reminisce about photos from their 9 ...

Atticus Shaffer talks faith & family on TV | Pure Talk

Actor Atticus Shaffer has made audiences laugh for nearly a decade in his iconic role as Brick on "The Middle." Now, he's ...

California COVID-19 Panic Buying

UPDATE: I was supposed to upload this video much earlier today, but we decided to go back to the store to pick up any extra odds ...

Atticus Shaffer Ice Bucket Challenge

Well it's finally here. I was challenged by several of you guys on facebook, so was my buddy Chris Naylor. Hope y'all enjoy!

The Middle Real Couples Revealed

Today I'll tell you about The Middle and more information about the cast inside this series. The full cast: Charlie McDermott Eden ...

Atticus Shaffer of "The Middle" Talks on the View

So one of my absolute favorite sitcoms," The Middle", father-son lesson about the importance of admitting when you're wrong.

Hancock - what boy, you want a cookie? HD

Boy at Bus Stop: [taps a sleeping Hancock] Hancock! Boy at Bus Stop: [hits him to wake up] Boy at Bus Stop: Hancock! Hancock: ...

Rising Young Star Atticus Shaffer On The Couch

Atticus Shaffer plays the role of the odd, but lovable youngest child Brick in the ABC hit comedy "The Middle," which airs on WLNY ...

ABC Coffee Break - Atticus Shaffer

Atticus Shaker, Brick Heck from The Middle, talks about his favorite holiday tradition Subscribe:

FIRST GAMES! [Escape from Tarkov (Atticus Shaffer 2020)]

HUGE SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU to my friend Rachel for making me my sweet, new video/ channel intro! You rock, Rachel!

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