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A. M. Homes - The Waterstones Interview

'What I'm often writing about is the sense of disappointment between how one wishes one would be and how one really is.

A. M. Homes, "Days of Awe"

A. M. Homes discuses her book, "Days of Awe" at Politics and Prose on 6/9/18. Imagine going out on your weekly shopping trip ...

A. M. Homes on This Book Will Save Your Life - The John Adams Institute

In 2006, award-winning novelist and short story writer A.M. Homes visited the John Adams Institute to discuss her new novel 'This ...

May We Be Forgiven - A.M. Homes

Artists Present - March 4, 2015 A.M. Homes Princeton University Winner of the 2013 Women's Prize for Fiction, A.M. Homes' sixth ...

Master/Class: Fran Lebowitz with A.M.Homes

In this candid dialogue, essayist Fran Lebowitz weighs in on bravery in art. Timelessly hip, sardonic, and New-York-to-the-marrow, ...

Craftwork: A. M. Homes (1/2)

Writer A.M. Homes will discuss the importance of revision in short stories and fiction and talk about the process in her own work.

Craftwork: A. M. Homes (2/2)

Writer A.M. Homes will discuss the importance of revision in short stories and fiction talk about process her own work.

Author A.M. Holmes | Brooklyn Public Library

Gotham: Writers in the City: A.M. Homes A.M. Homes, one of the most daring novelists, will read and discuss May We Be Forgiven, ...

A.M. Homes

'I've written just about everything except greeting cards,' quips bestselling New York novelist A.M. Homes, in conversation with ...

A.M. Homes

10/9/12--- A. M. Homes is the author of the memoir 'The Mistress's Daughter' and the novels 'This Book Will Change Your Life,' ...

A.M. Homes introduces May We Be Forgiven

Watch A.M. Homes introduces her new book, May We Be Forgiven and her writing style in this intelligent, thought-proviking ...

A. M. Homes: "May We Be Forgiven"

A. M. Homes reads from and discusses her novel, "May We Be Forgiven," at The Center for Fiction.

A. M. Homes Reading

Author of The Mistresss Daughter reads from her memoir.

NYPL: Matthew Weiner | A.M. Homes (part 1 of 2)

part 2

Leigh Newman & AM Homes

Enjoy an evening with writer/editor/memoirist Leigh Newman as she reads and discusses her engrossing memoir Still Points ...

A.M. Homes in London for publication of May We Be Forgiven

In autumn 2012 A.M. Homes visited London to promote her acclaimed new novel, 'May We Be Forgiven'. Through the week of her ...

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